Open water divers

Become a qualified Open Water Diver

The four open water qualifying dives are your final step to becoming a qualified Open Water Diver.

Diving in UK waters can be slightly more challenging than other more tropical regions. Completing your dives in the UK will definitely allow you to gain a higher level of competence.

All Open Water Dives are conducted in Drysuits and we are currently the only dive school in the UK to have dryglove systems fitted to all our school suits. Drysuits have water tight neck and wrist seals which stop water entering the suit. A thermal base-layer ensures you stay nice and warm, even in the cooler winter months! and we only use the best for our students, so our students get either Fourth Element Arctic or Halo 3D undersuits which are the choice of most instructors.

Please note that using a Drysuit for your open water dives will involve an additional pool session (Drysuit Orientation) on the Friday night prior to your dives for Wraysbury or Thursday night prior to the dives for Vobster Quay. With out this pool session you are not permitted to wear a Drysuit in open water under PADI and HSE rules.

Don't be cold... Be comfortable!

If it has been more than six months since completion of your referral course, you must complete a Refresher course.


  • Wraysbury Lake
  • Vobster Quay


  • Full Equipment
  • PADI Certification
  • Drysuit Orientation in our pool
  • PADI Certification upon completion.


  • Minimum age 12 (special arrangements required for 10 & 11 year olds). Please contact us first before booking.
  • Certification as a PADI Open Water Referral student within the last 6 Months or completed a refresher.
  • Before booking your course. Please print out and complete the 3 PADI forms highlighted below in blue which includes a medical questionnaire. If you answer YES to any question on the Medical Form please follow the forms instructions incase a Doctor's signature is required on page 3, this must be done before we can do any inwater activities. Failure to do this will result in you being sent away until the form has been signed. 
  • Medical Form, General Training, Statement of Safe Diving Practices.

Costs & Additional Costs

  • Admission to dive site – (Wraysbury £15 per day per person)(Vobster Quay £23.00 per day per person)
  • Air £20
  • Discount of £29.00 for any student who has completed the Referral course with us. Use Discount code GS32269

Supplementary Information

  • Please bring your Referral form (you will receive this on completion of your referral course) and your Divers log book to record your open water dives. These are available to buy if you do not already have one. This must have been signed within the last six months or a refresher is required before you may continue with the open water dives.
  • Accommodation and transport are not included.
  • Children aged 15 or younger may have to complete the dives in a wetsuit instead of a drysuit. This all depends on their sizes, which will be taken at the time of booking. Please check with us first to confirm options available.
  • We reserve the right to conduct the dives in semi-dry wetsuits, should we not have your particular size available in a Drysuit.
  • A Dry Suit orientation is required for the qualifying dives stage of the course. These take place at our pool either at the end of the pool sessions by prior arrangement or on the Friday before your Open Water Dives at Wraysbury or Thursday Evenings before your Open Water Dives at Vobster Quay.

Special Offer Ends February 2024.

£234.00 if you have completed the Referral Course with Gatwick Scuba using Discount code GS32269

£263.00 if you have completed the Referral else where.

  • Given that all Gatwick Scuba students are taught to use a Drysuit as part of their Open Water Course our students are given the option to upgrade their course and get the full Drysuit Diver Qualification at the same time. This costs an additional £100.00 saving £50.00 over doing the Drysuit course seperatly. The cost includes the PADI  E-Learning and certification fee's. This can only be booked and paid for on weekend once you have passed the Open Water Qualifying Dives.

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