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The PADI Divemaster Programme is the first step to becoming a diving professional. Whether you are looking for a career change or want to use your diving experience to help others entering the sport. This is where it starts!

The PADI Divemaster holds an important role within every dive operation. As a Divemaster you support the instructor during courses. Assist in maintaining control, supervision and safety. Assist with the logistics involved with running courses and provide a role model for the students you come in contact with, helping to create good and responsible divers of the future.

Although we offer the internship free of charge to our loyal customers, we do require a £250 training bond which is refunded upon completion of the internship. This is not required for customers completeing the Divemaster Course Internship which costs £585.00.

Internship Commitment

Candidates must complete the following in addition to the compulsory course pre-requisites:

  • 4 Open Water Diver Referral Courses
  • 4 Open Water Qualifying Dive Courses
  • 1 Continuing Education Course Divemaster

Internship & Course Goals

  • To develop the knowledge, attitudes, judgement and skills for supervising certified divers in a variety of diving activities 
  • To develop knowledge, attitudes, judgement and skills for assisting training divers in PADI courses
  • To develop the knowledge, attitudes, judgement and skills for independantly conducting specific PADI programmes for certified divers and non divers (Scuba review, Discover Snorkeling, PADI Skin diver course and Discover Scuba (with DSD leader rating)
  • To develop the candidates dive theory knowledge, waterskills, rescue skills and experience to the levels necessary to enter the PADI Assistant Instructor course and the PADI Instructor Development course
  • To promote each candidates growth to meet individual needs and interests and to meet the dive community's needs and expectations in dive leaders

Course Outline

  • Knowledge development - candidates work through the Divemaster manual, complete all 9 knowledge reviews and it is recommended to complete study sections from the diving knowledge workbook, using reference material from the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, IMPORTANT - This is completed prior to the start of the Divemaster course - or you can complete the PADI Divemaster e-Learning programme
  • During the Divemaster course your instructor will review knowledge development sections to reinforce understanding to prepare candidates for the Divemaster exam which concludes the knowledge development. Waterskills/Stamina assessment Complete 24 demonstration quality skills from the Open Water diver course
  • Complete a Rescue assessment
  • Complete practical application skills.
  • Complete Divemaster conducted programmes workshops
  • Create an Emergency Assistance Plan for a designated dive site
  • During Internship training (practical assessment), work with student divers in training both in the pool and in Open Water


  • Gatwick Scuba, Lingfield
  • Wraysbury
  • Vobster Quay

Course timings

  • Induction Timings
  • Variable based on course structure


  • All Training
  • Air fills (pool only)

Prerequisites for all candidates.

  • Certified PADI Rescue Diver
  • EFR Primary / Secondary Care within 24 months
  • Minimum 18 yrs of age
  • Have a minimum of 40 dives to start, 60 dives for completion
  • Medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within 12 months

Prerequisites for FREE Intership's candidates.

  • To get the FREE Internship the following must have been done with Gatwick Scuba.
  • Completed Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Emergency First Response (EFR),Rescue Diver.
  • If all the above and all the following courses, (Underwater Navigation) (Deep Diver) (Search & Recovery) have been completed with Gatwick Scuba or the Forma London Scuba you will be eligable for the FREE Divemaster Internship. If not then you would need to pay for the internship program at a cost of £585.00.
  • If you are unsure then please contact us on 01444 891402.

Not Included

  • Divemaster application fee to PADI (currently £123.60)
  • PADI electronic eRDPML (price through Gatwick Scuba £15)
  • Air fills during any Open water training and site entry fees
  • Divemaster E-Learning & Crew Pack (slates, current instructor manual, DSD cue cards, Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, emblem decal, brochures, bag)

Equipment hire

We recommend all candidates have their own equipment as familiarity with equipment will help you be more effective during your training. If required however, we hire equipment at a rate of £250 for the duration of your Divemaster training. Please note - It is a PADI standard that all certified Dive Professionals (Divemaster & above) are expected to own all their own equipment by the time they qualify. Gatwick Scuba have various bespoke equipment packages available. To make up a package to suit your requirement and budget please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                                for more information.

Supplementary Information

At Gatwick Scuba we pride ourselves with the quality of training we offer. After completion of your Divemaster internship, hopefully you will consider this experience as just the start of your journey into the professional levels of diver training. We want to provide you all with continuing support and guidance to further your development and to welcome you to Gatwick Scuba to join our continuing effort to produce good, safe and responsible divers of the future.